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Augmented reality | Design for equity | Virtual exhibition

Throughout Berkeley, the Bay Area, and the United States as a whole, artists face difficulty showcasing their amazing work in galleries, shows, and other spaces. The “White Box” imposes limitations on both artists and the people who view art, excluding artwork from the spotlight based on a select few’s opinions. We hope to challenge this notion, providing artists a new medium on which to display work and viewers a new lens through which to see art.
Through the implementation of mobile Augmented Reality (AR) art exhibitions in combination with community-based events, we hope to foster connections in communities, provide artists a platform to share their work, their voices, and their stories, and change perspectives of what it means to be an “artist”.

Berkeley Art Center - Nov 6th, 2021

Adam Huth
Kailin Li
​Xingtai Huang

Unity AR foundation
Unity AR Vuforia
XR UI design
3d modeling
Material shading
Graphic design
User research


AR poster
​AR exhibition
Visual system
Event planning


When the gaze of the wearer is captured within the recognition range of the camera, its pupil coordinates and direction will be recorded, and the unit of the body part that the gazer is looking at will be turned from the black surface to the mirror one, reflecting the gazer's face. on the wearer's body.



"Increase accessibility of nature, recreational spaces and art, to amplify voices of diverse creatives, and invite the local public to participate in the co-creation and sharing of art."

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Create form and database to collect and store artworks submitted by locals


users (1).png

Build out individual scenes required for event and public interaction


users (1).png

Rent space and host event for the public to come together and learn about AR and Art


users (3).png
users (4).png

In order to reach a broad range of participants, we contacted various arts organizations and individuals in the arts (particularly faculty within UC Berkeley Art Practice) through email and Instagram messaging. We also shared our event and participation form through various social platforms, such as Facebook groups and Nextdoor. We also created a public Facebook event where we were able to invite friends and allow members of the community to find out about our event.

Comp_1_2__1__AdobeCreativeCloudExpress (1).gif
users (4).png

Another method for collecting artists’ works and informing the public about our event involved designing and hanging posters throughout the city. We aimed to spread posters across a wide geographic area within Berkeley in order to attract a diverse range of artists.We printed 50 physical posters (25 against black, 25 against white) and strived to hang our posters in a multitude of places across the city that people would frequent.


Interaction 1_ Onboarding.png

The user will scan the image marker to enter the onboarding scene, similar to the experience of scanning tickets to enter a museum. And then a virtual fire and an “Art Ball” will show up, prompting the user to tap on it and be navigated to the “Gallery Scene”.

On the gallery scene, different themes of artwork will be tagged as different planets, which will navigate the user to a specific artwork scene when clicked.

The artwork scene will display the art pieces uploaded by the Berkeley resident hovering above the bench around the firepit. The user can tap on the artwork to view its detailed texture, touches, and brief introduction. The planet in the center will navigate the user back to the gallery scene when tapped again.

Detection of the fire

We used Vuforina and an image marker as a proxy for the fire detection, this kicks off the Unity interaction

User Interaction

We wrote C# scripts allowing the user to navigate between the main planetary / gallery scene and specific themed scenes, also within a particular scene to control the movement of objects

Materiality and Animation

To simulate the outerspace and calibrate the orbiting motion, we modified various components of our objects including material and velocity

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 8.54 1.png
Slide 16_9 - 33.png

Onboarding scene

Slide 16_9 - 34.png

Gallery scene

Slide 16_9 - 35.png

Artwork scene


Sharing about art and inner live

Impromptu performance

AR gallery exploration

People gathering and chatting

Artist impromptu creation

Participators creation

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