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VR reconnect lost limb with body

Medical VR | Biosensor computing | Gamification | VR storytelling 

The idea for this project came when a friend of ours got into a motorcycle accident and loss all control of his left arm.
What really shocked us was not only the physical pain he had to endure but also the emotional. The pain of losing of control, dignity, and connection.
We began to ask ourselves, how could we create a tool and experience that could tackle this emotional burden.We built this app as a way to give back that freedom. By using EMG sensors we allow disabled users to reclaim control of a virtual arm.We’ve paired this tool with an immersive VR experience that captures the joy and wonder of touch. Allowing them to reconnect with their loss limb as they undergo rehabilitation therapy.

2024 MIT Reality Hack
Winner of Startup Hack
Winner of Vitality Unleashed
Bronze Prize

Oculus Quest 3
EMG Sensor

Product Manager: Nicholas Pudjarminta
Lead Experience Designer: Nuoran Chen
Lead Creative Technologist: Koi Ren
Lead Researcher: SingChun Lee (Ph.D.)
Lead Engineer: Utsav Chaudhary
Medical Expert Consultants Dr. Greg Osgood (MD), Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab (Ph.D.)

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